Apprenda vs Cloud Foundry

Apprenda is a software layer that transforms any infrastructure into a policy-driven, hybrid cloud application platform (PaaS). We empower enterprises to build the best next generation applications faster, using today's skill-sets & investments. PaaS should make it easier to write the first line of code rather than only add value after the last line is written.
Cloud Foundry
Cloud Foundry is analternative open cloud platform as a service, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services. Initiated by VMware, with broad industry support, Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. It is an open source project and is available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances, including
Comparing Apprenda vs Cloud Foundry is like comparing apples to oranges. Because your business is unique and nobody except you can decide, which is better for your company. But we can add some fun to your research and suggest some new comparison parameters.

Ok, now let's compare the UI. Looks like Cloud Foundry has more user-friendly interface than Apprenda because it's bigger. At least on our screenshots

To compare the popularity of the solutions we counted how many alternatives people search for each of them on the Internet. And it turns out that Cloud Foundry is more popular than Apprenda

Now let's look at the recent activities of our competitors:

- Cloud Foundry adds native Kubernetes support (in 2017)
- Enterprise PaaS company Apprenda raises $24M (in 2015)
- Apprenda teams with Piston to gain OpenStack support (in 2014)
- PaaS platform Apprenda adds JBoss support (in 2014)
- Surprise! VMWare has joined OpenStack (in 2012)
- SaaS vendors using third-party PaaS as their own (in 2011)
- VMware wants to revolutionize PaaS market (in 2011)

Looks like Cloud Foundry was recently more active than Apprenda (at least in our news). We also found some news, in which Apprenda and Cloud Foundry meet head to head:

2015 - Enterprise PaaS company Apprenda raises $24M to strike back at Cloud Foundry

Apprenda, an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) provider has raised a $24 million Series D round led by Safeguard Scientifics. Like other enterprise PaaS services, Apprenda aims to make it easier for enterprise developers to build modern software on top of its infrastructure. What sets the service apart, Apprenda tells us, is that it allows enterprises to work with their existing infrastructure and applications. The company says it plans to use the new funding to hire for its engineering, product, client services and sales teams in order to further the adoption of its enterprise PaaS. “We believe PaaS is only doable one way—the customer’s way,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO and co-founder of Apprenda, in a canned statement today. “This means our technology had to be built to support everything upstream and downstream from our platform in a highly compatible way. And because of this, our vision of helping enterprises convert their data centers into cloud platforms supercharged for developer productivity has become a reality.”